boundlessBARRE is Barre for Every BodyTM.

Bringing the joy of ballet barre to dancers of every age, size, background & ability. boundlessBARRE was founded to help break stereotypes that limit ones ability to learn the art form that is classical ballet AND to help all movers reap the rewards of a challenging ballet workout.

Weekly classes, on-location workshops and online instructor trainings (commencing Fall of 2017) are offered. These include boundlessBARRE Classic, boundlessBARRE Xtreme and boundlessBARRE for Every Body.

Class cost varies from location/instructor. Please go to locations for pricing.



boundlessBARRE was founded by Maggie Hernandez-Knight, an experienced adult and child ballet teacher trained in the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus (RAD) by Mrs. Virginia Karasis, Cultural Program Director of The Children’s Arts and Science Workshops, NY.

Maggie, a passionate dancer from birth, started her formal ballet training around the age of 8 in an accredited RAD ballet school located in Washington Heights, NY: The Heights School of Ballet Art.  By age 15, Maggie was performing regularly with the school’s senior workshop and became a student teacher working closely with the littlest of aspiring ballerinas in pre-ballet and primary divisions. In the 1990’s, now 20 years into dance, Maggie began teaching adult ballet classes at the same beloved school she was trained in.

“I’m often asked why I never pursued a career as a professional performing artist. The answer is that despite my strength and natural ability as a dancer, it simply never occurred to me to transform my favorite form of therapy and personal expression into viable work… except to teach. I believe I was meant to encourage others to move, as a pathway to self expression and empowerment.”

From 2013-2017, Maggie owned and operated JourneySpace, a movement studio offering a suite of movement classes including Ballet Barre, Vinyasa Yoga, Zumba Fitness, Modern Dance, Salsa and JourneyDance. There Maggie worked tirelessly to teach ballet to the “unteachable”; dancers who started too late or were of a certain age, size, background or ability. Because of it, she developed her own teaching style that became the foundation for boundlessBARRE Classic. boundlessBARRE Xtreme was also developed at JourneySpace to help dancers strengthen their legs for ballet. boundlessBARRE Xtreme follows the standard ballet barre framework, modified with the assistance of a health professional trained in physical therapy to maximize the physical benefits.

JourneySpace Ballet Barre Class – May 2016