boundlessBARRE for Every Body

F O R   E V E R Y   B O D Y .
A 12 session workshop for dancers of every age, size, background and ability. 

This workshop breaks through stereotypes that limit ones ability to learn the art form that is classical ballet. We are proving that it’s never too late to start. Dancers, regardless of age, size, background, and ability can learn with thoughtful careful instruction. In boundlessBARRE for Every Body, participants learn the fundamentals of ballet while embarking on a self-empowerment journey to improve body image and confidence.

Although participants will face learning a new and difficult skill-set , this workshop is relaxed, welcoming and fun! Makes for an excellent team building experience for adults and teens alike.

No ballet experience, equipment or attire is required. Participants may use chairs and wear loose, comfortable clothing and socks, ballet slippers, or gymnastics shoes.

  • Ballet Fundamentals Knowledge
  • Lower Body Strength Training
  • Low Impact Cardio
  • Posture & Balance Practice
  • Stress Reduction
  • Body Image & Confidence Boosting
  • Team Building

Workshop Structure:

  • Twelve 1 hour sessions are conducted in a 6 to 8 week period.
  • Students learn the basics of ballet:
    – Plie
    – Battement Tendu
    – Battement Glisse/Degage
    – Rond de Jambe
    – Battement Frappe
    – Petit Battements
    – Developpe
    – Battement Fondu
    – Grand Battement
    – Jumps (sautes, soubresauts, changements, echappe sautes)
  • The same choreography is used between sessions. This allows for familiarity and “perfection” of movements and self-empowerment concepts.
  • Electronic handout and supporting videos available for home study.


  • Workshops are conducted on-location in your school, community center, or workplace.
  • Chairs may be used instead of ballet barres.

Costs vary per location and number of students. Contact us for more information and to book your workshops.



“Really nice class for people looking to try ballet or get back into it casually. If you’re looking for barre fitness or even a more ballet-inspired barre fitness class, this probably isn’t the one for you – it’s definitely a *ballet* class… But the instructor is patient and works with everyone at their level, and overall the class is definitely more laid back than intro or beginner classes at most formal ballet studios.” ~ Anonymous

“great instructor! focuses on form” ~ Anonymous

“I never thought I’d be learning ballet in my 30’s. This class is so much fun. I feel like I’m living my childhood dream” –EH

“I am in love with the Ballet that Maggie is teaching. She is such an effective, inspired, patient teacher that I just glow after each class. I learn technique and proper form and get to understand the reason and idea behind each movement. I watch her graceful dancing and get inspired! Thank you Maggie for this experience, it adds a new dimension to my dancing.” –SK

“Maggie is a patient, yet technically precise ballet teacher. She tailors the pace for the varied levels of students in class, and keeps it challenging, and enjoyable. Thank you, for re-awakening my love of dance!”–LK