boundlessBARRE Xtreme

A workout-inspired barre class for more strength, cardio, and flexibility. 

Simplified Ballet Barre exercises in alternating intensity for muscle strengthening, cardio, and calorie burning benefits. Perfect for dancers or anyone looking for a transformative workout targeting the lower body, core and arms. All set to world-inspired music you can move to. No ballet experience is required. Wear comfortable clothing, socks or dance shoes you can point your feet in.


  • Lower Body Strength
  • Full Body Workout
  • Calorie Burning
  • Core Training
  • Posture & Balance
  • Low Impact Cardio
  • Flexibility
  • Fun!

How is boundlessBARRE Xtreme different from other Barre-inspired workouts?

  • We follow the basic structure of ballet barre with vast modification, emphasizing movement over ballet technique.
  • We alternate between slow, low intensity and fast, high intensity exercises for more calorie burning effects.
  • We point our feet. The ballet point engages muscles in the legs and feet for greater muscle strengthening benefits.
  • 85% of the class is executed at the barre with 10 minutes for planking and stretch on the floor for additional core and flexibility work.During exercises, we hold not pulse. Pulsing is done only in between exercises for muscle relief.
  • Themes are used to help students embody specific qualities in the class.
  • Deep breathing is incorporated to help students release tension.
  • Beauty and power students may not see in themselves is reinforced throughout class.
  • Students are encouraged to use their strength and to release and let go as a way to bring them closer to wholeness.
  • We talk, share, connect!