boundlessBARRE Xtreme.
boundlessBARRE Classic.
boundlessBARRE for Every Body. 

boundlessBARRE Xtreme. A workout-inspired barre class for more strength, cardio, and flexibility.  Simplified Ballet Barre exercises in alternating intensity for muscle strengthening, cardio, and calorie burning benefits. Perfect for dancers or anyone looking for a transformative workout targeting the lower body, core and arms. All set to world-inspired music you can move to. No ballet experience is required. Wear comfortable clothing, socks or dance shoes you can point your feet in. [continue reading…]

boundlessBARRE Classic. Classical ballet barre for dancers of every age, size, background and ability.  A true beginner ballet class for those new or returning to ballet. Learn and practice the fundamentals of ballet while strengthening your lower body and improving your posture & balance as well. This class is relaxed, welcoming and fun! No ballet experience is required for Levels 1 & 2 classes. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and socks, ballet slippers, or gymnastics shoes. [continue reading…]

boundlessBARRE for Every Body. A 12 session workshop for dancers of every age, size, background and ability. This workshop breaks through stereotypes that limit ones ability to learn the art form that is classical ballet. We are proving that it’s never too late to start. Dancers, regardless of age, size, background, and ability can learn with thoughtful careful instruction. In boundlessBARRE for Every Body, participants learn the fundamentals of ballet while embarking on a self-empowerment journey to improve body image and confidence. [continue reading…]